How to Create Efficient Constituent Services

Featured Speaker: Jimar Garcia, Practice Director, Genus Technologies

Government agencies are tasked with delivering services to their constituents efficiently and cost-effectively. However, there are several roadblocks, especially in today's hybrid work environment: the amount of information needed from constituents makes gathering it difficult, getting a large volume of information to caseworkers, managing back-office workflows, and exchanging information between several parties to name a few.

Watch the webinar to see how Genus helps solve these problems.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Designing a solution that will help your agency deliver constituent services in an efficient and cost-effective way (examples include health and human services assistance, licensing and permit applications, title services, and more).
  • How to improve visibility of your services and make it easier for your constituents to gain access.
  • Taming large volumes of information and making it work for you and your service delivery process.
  • How back-office workflows can drive processes effectively to deliver constituent services faster.

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